Reasons of life….


It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote in here…. So, I feel so happy to write again.

okay. now, go to the point.

Lately, i often thinks about the reasons for me to live. i felt that ever since I like kpop, i changed.

before, every night, everyday afterschool, i always turn on the the radio to hear christians programs. but now, i rarely turn it on. what i do now is just turn on my phone and listen to kpop songs.

at first i didn’t felt anything wrong. but now, i started to felt that there was something wrong with myself. i shouldn’t have listened to kpop this much. because now, i realized that i, somehow getting away from God.

And now, i feel that there’s something missing from my life. it’s like there’s a hole in my heart.

i feel lonely.

i feel useless.

and then i realized that Jesus is the only one who can filled that hole–the emptiness–in your heart.

i must getting closer to HIM again. Jesus, my Father. My Savior. My ALMIGHTY GOD.

Jesus is the reasons why i live until today.

i live to worships HIM, spreads the good news about HIM.

my life isn’t useless. i’m not alone. I have God in my side who’ll always be there for me no matter what happened.

God bless all of us :’)



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